Button globe

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Button globe is a lovely collection of buttons arranged in a globe and mounted on a stem. At first glance from a distance it looks like any usual globe flower but on closer inspection you can be drawn into the detail of each button. The  globe is finished in a bronze effect verdigris finish just choose the stem finish to suit your style.

It allows you to support plants as they grow and give you year round unusual interest when the flowers have gone. It stands at 115cm  tall straight pole cast resin which is frost and weather resistant.  The flower globe is 7cm diameter.

Just select the style that suits your garden from the drop down boxes.

Styles available

  • Bronze verdigris effect globe with powder coated stem- Natural colours verdigris green/ bronze effect looks great in any type of garden especially in winter.
  • Oxidised effect globe with bare metal stem - Natural colour orange/browns that will bend with the natural colours of your garden. looks lovely in the autumnal sun.
  • Grey/white globe with stainless steel stem- Modern design grey white/silver. looks great all year round in contemporary garden with clean lines.

The popular oxidised metal stem option is supplied with new bare metal . The stem will be sent to you with the pole looking grey in colour but when placed outside it will naturally oxidise to produce a lovely soft orange colour that will look stunning against the green garden foliage around. It is perfect for the rustic style shabby-chic garden giving you many years of pleasure.

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