Poker Bud



Poker Bud garden sculpture allows you to support plants as they grow and give you year round interest when the  flowers have gone. Mounted on a 115cm  tall stem and finished with a bronze verdigris effect cast resin which is frost and weather resistant.  The large poker bud itself is approximately 12cm making it visible in the most busy garden setting. 

Please select a finish to suit your style. The popular oxidised metal stem option is supplied with new bare metal . The stem will be sent to you with the pole looking grey in colour but when placed outside it will naturally oxidise to produce a lovely soft orange colour that will look stunning against the bronze verdigris green effect and the green foliage around. It is perfect for the rustic style shabby-chic garden giving you many years of pleasure.

The Stainless steel stem will arrive silver in colour and stay silver giving you a contemporary modern look to your garden.

Stem Styles

  • Straight, (Solid straight stem)
  • Spiral loop (This option is a straight stem that has a has a loop twisted into the metal just below the seed head this can be used to support long delicate plant stems and stop them breaking of)
  • Organinc ( This stem is hand forged to have soft undulations that look very similar to the organic growth of a natural plant stem

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